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Cut To Length


Cut-to-length operations are common in many different industries for a variety of manufacturing processes. Examples of cut-to-length applications include discrete part cutting, punching, plastic bag manufacturing, press feeds, and sheet metal cutting. A set of pinch rollers are controlled by BPD 6A indexing drive with “Orion” Cut-to-Length Controller with registration input .The rollers feed the material into the machine and hold the material in position while the operation is in process. On pre-printed materials, the BPD 6A indexing drive positions the material relative to a registration reference mark on the material.


One of our customers wanted to automate his die punching machine which used a Cut to Length system

Problem Reported:
Our customer was using a mechanical arrangement of gears for his above application. Because of this, his machine was slow and had many maintenance issues. He couldn’t deliver to his customers on time.


What did we Offer:
To automate this assembly, we had to synchronize our Stepper motor with their Induction motor for speed. We offered the following electronics:
1. Cut to Length Controller
2. BPD 6A drive
3. Transformer
4. Stepper Motor 200kg-cm
5. Variable Frequency Drive
6. Contactors

How did it Work:
1. The mechanical gears were replaced by our Stepper motor and its drive and Controller
2. Certain technical and user parameters were entered in our controller (on site) and the RUN command was given. The induction motor starts now and the die punching action begins. As soon as ‘Start’ sensor receives signal, feeding action (by stepper motor) begins
3. When the desired cut length was traversed, the stepper motor stopped and the die was punched.
4. The Induction motor is still working, so when the Start sensor gets the next signal, the punching cycle repeats and thus the application goes on continuously.

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