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Stepper Motor Drives
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No. 4041, Bhandup Industrial Estate, L. B. S. Road, Pannalal Compound, Bhandup West
Mumbai - 400078, Maharashtra, India
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Linear Indexing 


ORION offers a ready to use drive / control package for these applications. 

 Many applications have been proven, such as-
· Plastic bag making
· Foil stamping
· Sticker punching
· Wire cutting / stripping
· Ball screw or lead screw slides
· Controlled angular rotation


The controller is equipped with sensor inputs, relay outputs and outputs for drive.

The features are as follows-
· 20 X 4 characters interactive LCD display
· User friendly key pad with 18 keys
· Three relay outputs
· NPN NO sensor inputs
· Provision for setting speed, acceleration, batch and many more…

Optional features like homing, different lengths, direction control etc.


What do we Offer:

To automate this type of assembly, we replace the mechanical part with our electronics. We offer the following:

  1. Stepper motor Controller

  2. Bipolar/Unipolar Drive

  3. Transformer

  4. Stepper Motor(of reqd rating)

How does it work:

1. The mechanical gears are replaced by our Stepper motor and its drive and Controller

2. Certain technical and user parameters (like distance, timing for limit switches, relay output time, gear ratio mathematics etc) are entered in our controller (on site) and the RUN command is given. The induction motor starts now and the die punching action begins. As soon as ‘Start’ sensor receives signal, feeding action (by stepper motor) begins

3. When the desired distance gets traversed, the stepper motor stops(limit switch here) and the action gets executed(depends on what application you have)

4. After the action, next signal (timing or relay here) signals our motor to go the further distance and stop.

5. Thus this sequence gets followed and application goes on till the pre-set batch size is over.

The above linear indexing forms an integral, central part of many industrial applications. In applications like cut to length, forward/reverse movement (vertical and horizontal), robotics, medical, cap sealing, tightening, so on...above process is needed.

With timing belts you can use a lower rated motor and drive to move a high torque load/

With our micro-stepping drives and a ball screw, you can have slow movements to the scale of less than 10mm per hour.

Optional features like homing, different lengths, direction control etc.



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