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Multi-Axis Application


Two axis operation, either sequential or with interpolation is a requirement in most motion automation applications. 
ORION has developed drive / control / interface packages for several applications  like engraving, wood working, turning, milling etc. Jobs designed on PC in Corel,  AutoCad, Pro-E or few other software packages, are interpreted by a dedicated  controller and are executed by stepper drives or servo drives. 

This eliminates need of a skilled person and you can achieve a fantastic repeatability. This proves to be an extremely economic solution for retrofitting of lathes or milling machines. If they are used for preparatory work for CNC machines, expensive CNC time can be saved.

How does it work?

1. A dedicated program fed into our controller, for the application, ensures that the jobs designed in Corel or other software is interpreted correctly.
2. At the start signal, the motor looks for the Home position.
3. The moment the first signal is given, the drives command the motor tomove to the first desired position. This can be in X or Y axis.
4. After it moves there, the work is performed on that spot. This can be drilling, engraving etc.
5. A relay signals the control to move from X to Y direction.
6. At the next signal, the motor goes to the next spot and drills(or engraves) there. So on, until the whole job is completed.
7. The timer in our control section ensures impeccable accuracy between any two actions.

We have customers who use our system on metals like gold. It is in cases like these, where this accuracy and timing gets all the more important. A single mistake can cost the customer thousands of rupees.

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