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Filling ointments, pastes or gels in tubes is a common task in pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industry. The tube has to be sealed at proper orientation, looking at the print mark. The motor starts and rotates the tube around its own axis. The mark sensor activates when the position is proper for sealing. The stepper motor stops at this point. The sealing operation is carried out when the motor stops.
Instant start / stop is the unique property which makes it an ideal application for stepper motors.

ORION “Tube Orientation Drive” is a compact and reliable equipment, which  has many optional features to suit the need of machine designer.

1. The motor starts when the start sensor activates. However, for any reason if the stop sensor does not activate; the motor may go on rotating. To avoid this, a timer can be incorporated which will stop the motor after set time, even if stop  sensor signal is received.

 2. As a solution to the above problem, some people use an alternative scheme. They design their cam (the start sensor target) in such a way, that the signal remains active for certain fixed time. It is expected that the stop sensor should  activate during this period. In such case, the motor can be stopped when the  start sensor de-activates even in absence of stop sensor signal.


3. Some machine builders employing a more supervisory system, need a signal from the drive, when motion of the motor ceases. Such output can be provided in different ways-
A. Relay change over contact - stay put, as long as motor is stopped
B. Relay change over contact – momentary (preset time)
C. Optocoupler output – stay put
D. Optocoupler output – momentary
E. Solid state output NPN open collector– stay put (Supply external)
F. Solid state output NPN open collector – momentary (Supply external)

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