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Rotary Indexing 


Rotary motion equipment and products assist with device indexing. Indexing is the starting and stopping of a device in precise intervals at precise locations. “Orion” rotary index controllers are designed to move a wide variety of products and components with smooth precision. Preloaded for no backlash, they have the capacity for handling high loads and speeds with controlled acceleration and deceleration for repeatable, accurate positioning. Basic function of rotary indexing is used in many applications.


Rotary Index Drives offer:
• Controlled acceleration and decelerations
• Smooth motion
• Preloaded for no backlash
• Quick settling time in the dwell position
• Capacity for high loads and high speeds
• Repeatable, accurate positioning
• Shaft or flange output

Orion Rotary Index Drives have a known displacement-time relationship and known power requirements, and require little or no maintenance.


What do we offer:
1. Dedicated controller (optional for PLC users)
2. Bipolar or unipolar drives (Micro-stepping too)
3. Mark Sensor
4. Limit and Proximity Switches
5. VFDs (optional)
6. Contactors

How does it work:
1. Our motion control electronics replaces the mechanical control system(if any).
2. At start, the motor looks for Home position. After it goes there, the first operation begins. This requires the motor to turn the rotary by a fixed angle(circular distance).
3. It is important that it stops at the right place. For this, we either incorporate a limit switch(or proxy switch) or we feed timing in our controller.(or Mark sensor in some specialized applications)
4. After the motor stops, some feeding/labeling/capping/sealing etc. action takes place. After this action, a relay signals the motor to start the next cycle.
5. Thus the cycle goes on until the presetted batch count is over.

It is important that a smooth start/stop is obtained here to the motor. In low speed applications, this is relatively simple. However for high speed applications, some trial and error is inevitable for us to arrive at the perfect settings. Or for high acceleration for heavy loads, we may suggest a servo system too.

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