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No. 4041, Bhandup Industrial Estate, L. B. S. Road, Pannalal Compound, Bhandup West
Mumbai - 400078, Maharashtra, India
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Welding Automation

  Welding processes utilize Stepper motors and their drivers extensively. These applications are primarily seen in almost every industry today. Stepper motor electronics is used for linear as well as rotary movements here.
Problem Reported: A customer wanted to automate his welding assembly in his industry. He wanted a precise movement, absolutely vibration free welding on his job.

What did we offer:
1. Stepper motor Bipolar drive
2. Controller
3. Stepper motor


How did it work:
1. At Power ON, the motor looked for Home position. After that, it receives the Start signal.
2. The microcontroller, being preset with the dedicated program for the given application, provides required signals to the drive, which drives the motor till the required position.
3. The welding gun, welds at this point. There is a specific time for which this goes. After this time, the controller provides the next signal to the motor, which moves to the second position.
4. The above process can be applicable for both linear as well as rotary movements.
5. Instances like weaving make use of both linear as well as rotary.

The above process not only automates the process, but also speeds it up with ensuring the accuracy.

  From all the feedback that we have got from the industry, today we have ready controllers for Welding automation. Be it Weaving type, Cold wire feeding or AVC, our controllers come with a ready built-in program. The controllers are quite robust, so can withstand all types of vibration generated during welding. 3ydk
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