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Orion Automation represents Microdrop Technologies in India. Microdrop is a German Corporation pioneering in manufacturing micro dispensers which dispense fluids in extremely minute quantities like in Pico-liter. It is not just science but an art.

In almost all fields of modern technology, an increased miniaturization of entire processing systems, and also individual components, is being observed. Therefore, the technology of liquid dispensing has also improved substantially as the quantity of liquid becomes critically smaller.  

Irrespective of whether the task is lamination, covering, lubrication or gluing, the process of micro-dispensing is to 'create' and to 'place' the required minute amounts of liquid at a high rate of precision, at the desired spot. The fluids used in dispensing vary as per the applications; e.g. oils, dissolved polymers, glues, waxes, organic solvents or salt solutions. Given the reactive nature of some of these fluids, it is but imperative that only the right amount is dispensed. Which is why, the design of the dispensing system is very crucial to the whole process. 

The microdrop dispensing procedures are non-impact procedures. This means that the fluid is transmitted to a workpiece or medium without contact being made to the dispensing nozzle.

Depending on the dispensing amount required, either the MicroJet procedure with its innovative valve technology or the MicroDrop procedure with its drop-on demand system is used. Microdrop is a provider of system solutions for micro dispensing. Depending on the task, valve technology or drop-on-demand technology is used.

The use of modern materials for the construction of dispensing systems guarantees a high level of stability. Based on our many years of experience, microdrop provides a range of ground breaking products and services within the field of micro dispensing.




AD- & MD-Series
  Microdrop Dispenser Heads
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  Autodrop Platform
MJ- & NJ-Series

Dispenser Heads

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