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Stepper Motor Drives
Stepper Motor Controllers
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Stepper Motor Controllers


1. Stepper Motor Controller: CTL-PBM-H

We are one of the leading providers of cut to length controllers, which are widely used in many applications across the world. These come with control circuitry featuring a microcontroller. A dedicated program for your application is fed into this. This ensures a smooth application. It comes with a membrane keypad, and allows on-site changing of machine parameters. This finds a widespread use in all types of Cut to Length applications, for varying speeds and torques.


This  is a cut-to-length controller with excellent features. It has a 18 key pad (numeric and function keys), 20 X 4 LCD, up to 4 relay outputs, up to 3 sensor inputs. Programming features also are extremely comprehensive. Look at the settings available-
•  Base speed and final speed
•  Acceleration and its pattern
•  Minimum length entry
•  Jog steps
•  Multiplier and divider for machine parameters
•  Batch counting
•  Models suitable for stepper and servo
•  Remote push button pendant attachable
2. Eco Controllers: CTL-PBM-L

We came up with our ‘Economical’ Controllers, to fulfill our certain customer requirements which did not need all the features that our regular controllers offered. This model consists of a smaller keypad with selected keys, without the Totalizer. It comes with a 2 digit display. This has a single relay output and no changes in program are possible. So if your application consists of a single function, utilizing a stepper motor without anything changing in the program, you might as well go for our Eco controller.

It has 6 keypad and 16 X 2 LCD, 2 relay outputs and 2 sensor inputs. The size is 96 X 96 X 110
•  Base speed and final speed
•  Acceleration and its pattern
•  Jog steps
•  Multiplier and divider for machine parameters
•  Batch counting
•  Model suitable for stepper only. 


3. Servo Controller

We offer our Controller assembly which runs very well with Servo motors. This is meant for a single axis operation. The controller provides a frequency output upto 100 Khz. Here, the controls like ‘Speed’, ‘Timer’, ‘Length’, ‘Counting’ have different keys. We can provide 4 relay outputs and also sync signals from Unwinder. Options like Totaliser, Batch Count are inbuilt.

Control Supply: 230 VAC (195 to 255 VAC) 1 ph, 50 Hz.
Inputs: 4- sensors (NPN NO)
Outputs: Start, Direction and Pulses for Servo Motor Drive
Relay outputs
1. One NO for interlocking
2. One NO for Unwinder, Close when unwinder Sensor Active and open with settable time.
3. One NO for Cutter Counter, Close when Cutter counter over and open at next Operation.
4. One NO for Punch, close when the servo motor stops With programmable time.

Display: 20 X 4 LCD
Enclosure: 192 X 96 X 160 mm
Cutout size: 188 X 92 mm
Weight: 2 Kg

4. Pendant Controller

Leveraging on our extensive experience, we bring forth our pendant controller. This features a control circuitry using a microcontroller. A pre-set program enables your application to run smoothly. A lot of flexibility is given to the user to change certain parameters by means of a keypad. Most motion automation applications require an either interpolation or sequential two or three axis operation. Several applications like milling, turning, wood working and engraving can utilize our drive, control and interface package.

These are dedicated controllers, which interpret jobs designed on the PC using AutoCad, Pro-E, Corel and other software packages. Clients can receive fantastic repeatability without needing the skills of any person. Milling or lathe machines are thus provided an economic solution for retrofitting. Expensive CNC can be saved if the product is used in the preparatory work for CNC machines.   

Features :

1. 20*4 LCD interactive display
2. 24 keys user-friendly key pad
3. Outputs compatible with Orion Stepper Motor Drives
4. Options like ‘Pause’, ‘Homing’ on Power on available
5. Engineering parameters can be set as per machine
6. Multiple tools facility with settable speeds.


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