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Stepper Motor Drives
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Stepper Motor Drives


In the history of motion control and automation, development of stepper motor is certainly a landmark. A stepper motor when connected to a full step drive completes one revolution in 200 steps. In other words each full step is of 1.8 degrees. When the drive is in half step mode, same motor takes 400 steps to complete the revolution. The newer technologies can further divide each 1.8 degree step into finer resolution, commonly up to 51,200 steps/revolution. Since the frequency input to drive controls the speed and number of steps (or pulses) control the position, stepper motor along with a good drive and controller presents a reliable, accurate and economic open loop motion control.
Stepper motors are characterized by their unique ability to stop instantly and accurately at a given point. Not only that, it can instantly reverse its direction of rotation.

ORION range of stepper motor drives and controllers make things look simpler for otherwise difficult applications. Following features of the stepper motors are worth noting:
1. Instant start / stop up to at least 60 RPM.
2. Instant reversal up to at least 60 RPM.
3. No effect of voltage fluctuation on speed.
4. Can provide holding torque in stopped condition.

ORION stepper motor drives are classified as:

1. Bipolar stepper motor drives
2. Drive add-ons for PLCs
3. FAQs

ORION products further accentuate these advantages, by their features:
Speeds up to 2000 RPM (or even more) possible within specific framework of application.

• Current chopping techniques.
• State of the art devices.
• Power efficient design.
• Excellent workmanship

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